Nova Pilates is a personal, fully equipped Pilates studio!

It has been especially designed and decorated to be a mind – body exercise environment. Our studio is separated into two independent rooms, both with a lot of natural light, ventilation and air-conditioned. Nova studio caters for those, who prefer more private, quite and friendly atmosphere to exercise and zone out. Nova Pilates has opened doors in 2013 and ever since has become a well known brand, symbolizing excellent customer service! We have trained and helped thousands of people from our community to achieve their wellness goals! We offer innovative, state of art Pilates apparatus, including Reformers, Wunda chairs, Towers (mini – Cadillacs), Barrels, TRX suspension bands and all mat – related accessories. We are unique in offering group Reformer, Tower, Chair and TRX classes, helping to transcend you to a deeper level of Pilates mastery. This elevate us to a different altitude to our competitors in the fitness and Pilates industry. At Nova Pilates, we welcome people from any age, gender and fitness level. Pilates can be adapted to meet many different needs and goals! All our classes are kept small and private and this guarantees a fine personal touch and individual attention. We treat our clients as individuals not as numbers and make them feel special, beautiful and at home. We offer safe, plentiful parking. A comfortable waiting area welcomes our valued clients, coffee, tee and filtered water provided. A changing room allows you to pop in straight after, or before work. All you need to bring is a smile and an attitude to transform your Body and your Life!

Client Testimonials

Sunny balances warmth and professionalism easily. No matter what level of fitness you display. She¬†makes you feel accepted and welcome. This is such a gift because groups anywhere can feel intimidating to a new-comer. Sunny’s passion for Pilates, her holistic approach to exercise and health, her hard working ethic and her leading from example shine through the classes.