Nova Pilates is a personal, fully equipped Pilates studio. It has been built especially to be a mind-body exercise environment. The studio caters for those who prefer a more private, quiet and friendly atmosphere to exercise and zone out. We offer innovative, state-of-the-art Pilates apparatus, including Reformers, TRX bands, Wander-chair, Trapeze unit, Leather barrel and all mat-related accessories.
We are unique in offering Reformer classes, helping to transcend you to a deeper level of Pilates mastery. This helps elevate us to a different altitude to our competitors in the industry.
At Nova Pilates, we welcome people from any age, gender and fitness level. Pilates can be adapted to meet many different needs and goals! Our classes are kept small and private and this guarantees a great personal touch and individual attention. We treat our clients as individuals, not as numbers and make them feel special, beautiful and at home.
We offer safe, plentiful parking. A comfortable waiting area welcomes our valued clients, coffee and tea provided. A changing room allows you to pop in straight after, or before, work. All you need to bring is a smile, and an attitude to transform your Body, and your Life!

Client Testimonials

When I was advised at 74  to get more exercise I started to look for the best studio. Some were clean, others tidy, others well equipped, some trainers looked competent, others were friendly, some were gorgeous, others understood my situation, some were willing to assist me patiently to achieve better health – but only at Nova Pilates with Sunny as trainer I have found all of this and more in one studio!