Aging Part 1: what causes us to age?

Mitochondria are tiny little energy factories found within every single one of our bodies’ cells. They are responsible for producing the overwhelming majority of ATP that sustains our biological processes throughout the day, for the entirety of our lives. ATP simply refers to the energy currency of biological systems, kind of like the Rand (or […]

The spot reduction TRUTH

Perhaps the oldest myth in the fitness industry is the idea of ‘spot reduction’. This concept advocates that one can selectively target fat in a specific body part, by performing a particular exercise. People keep asking me the same questions: men ask me what exercises they should do to lose their gut, and women ask […]

Bulking up vs. toning

Very often when approaching a woman with the suggestion of weight training, I hear a typical but highly flawed response: “I don’t want to get ‘big’, I just want to look firm and toned.” This common misconception leads to overdoing cardio and totally neglecting the highly crucial resistance training element of any fitness routine. Let […]

Walk your way to FITNESS!

Winter is here, and now is the time to craft our summer bodies under the cover of all our winter clothes. I personally believe that fitness is not a contest or a competition, for which you prepare, and after its over, you remain comfortable for the rest of your life. I have been thinking for […]