Aging Part 3: the Power of Antioxidants

It has been known for millenia that adhering to a diet strongly rich in fruits and vegetables, is highly beneficial to overall holistic health. People that focus on the greens at every meal, tend to be generally leaner, live longer lives, suffer from substantially less disease and age-related ailments, have higher overall energy levels and […]

Aging Part 2: Caloric restriction

Caloric restriction, or the generalised decrease in energy obtained from your daily food intake, has been the only scientifically-backed mechanism to date, which can positively augment the aging process. Although no studies have been performed tracking humans over the complete entirety of their lives, and comparing their maximal lifespan to the average amount of food […]

Aging Part 1: what causes us to age?

Mitochondria are tiny little energy factories found within every single one of our bodies’ cells. They are responsible for producing the overwhelming majority of ATP that sustains our biological processes throughout the day, for the entirety of our lives. ATP simply refers to the energy currency of biological systems, kind of like the Rand (or […]