COVID19 Update: We are open with strict safety protocols in place for the protection of all teachers and clients. Wearing of masks upon entering our facilities is mandatory for all visitors.

Pilates Class Information

All mat classes are conducted from the studio and are also directly broadcast on Zoom. Contact us for more information and details on how you can join these classes.


Group Mat & VirtualMaximum 8 people/class
Monday17:00 (S)
Tuesday18:00 (AB)
Wednesday16:00 in-studio only (AZ)
Thursday08:00 (AZ)
Saturday08:15 (AZ)
Reformer & ApparatusMaximum 4 people/class
Monday07:00 (S); 07:00 (AZ); 09:00 (AB)
14:30 (AB); 16:00 (AB); 18:00 (AZ)
Tuesday07:00 (AZ); 07:00(AB); 09:00(AZ); 09:30 (S)
16:00 (AB); 16:30 (AZ); 16:30 (S); 18:15 (AZ)
Wednesday07:00 (S); 07:00 (AB); 09:00 (S);
14:30 (AB); 16:00 (AB); 17:00 (AB);
18:00 (AZ); 18:15 (AB)
Thursday09:00 (AB); 16:30 (AB); 16:30 (AZ)
16:30 (S)
Friday07:00 (AB); 09:00 (AB); 10:00 (AZ);
10:00 (AB)
Saturday09:15 (S); 09:15 (AB)
Teacher Key:
S – Sunny
AZ – Anzani
AB – Abigayle

Please note that before enrolling for any Pilates group classes, a minimum of 1-on-1 sessions is recommended

One-on-one sessions can be arranged by appointment only

Sessions begin strictly on time and are 45 minutes in duration

Private and duo sessions should be arranged in advance with the studio and time slots are subject to availability

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Trust to see you there!
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Duo sessions
  • Reformer classes
  • Wunda chair classes
  • Tower classes
  • TRX suspension bands classes
  • Stability balls, soft balls, foam rollers, magic circles, bands, light weights, toning and BOSU balls
  • Nutritional assessment and meal planning

TRX Suspension Pilates

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. The equipment is simple in design and meant to be customized to each individual’ s body type and level of fitness ability.

The TRX bands are an excellent piece of equipment, which allows for the Pilates principles of alignment, centring and control to be easily applied.

The classes are suitable for people with no injuries or back problems and are designed to build overall strength, joint mobility, and balance.

TRX classesMaximum 6 people/class
Monday10:00 (AZ)
Tuesday10:30 (AZ); 17:15 (AZ)
Wednesday08:00 (AZ)
Thursday10:30 (AZ); 17:30 (S)
Teacher Key:
S – Sunny
AZ – Anzani

Maximum of 6 people per class
Duration: 45 minutes
Booking is essential

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Stronger together!

Trust to see you there.

Our skills

  • Core strengthening, toning and shaping
  • Injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • Functional training and weight loss
  • Special population (pregnancy and elderly training)
  • Nutritional & wellness consulting. Meal plans
Once-off4 sessions/
8 sessions/
12 sessions/
One-on-oneR 395R 1460R 2200R 3180
DuoR 560 (R280 pp)R 840 ppR 1600 ppR 2280 pp
Reformer & mixed apparatus classesR 270R 720R 1395R 1980
TRX ClassesR 170R 500R 850
Mat classes (Group Mat In Studio & Virtual)R 170R 500R 700R 870
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Nutritional & Wellness Consultation

Meal Planning

Once OffService Details
R 1250Nutritional & Fitness Assessment
Detailed Meal Plan
1 Follow up Consultation
R 250Follow up Consultation