Pilates breathing

Amongst everything else, correct breathing tends to be the most difficult part of a beginner’s Pilates practice. People either struggle to connect their breathing with the movement, or try too hard until they feel dizzy, light headed or nauseous. So what exactly is ‘pilates breathing’, and how is it different from the way we are normally […]

Diabetes: Diet

Diabetes falls under a broader moniker of similar disease states, known collectively as “Metabolic syndrome”. At the heart of these conditions, is systemic and uncontrolled inflammation. This rampant and inappropriate activation of the immune system manifests locally as pain, swelling and/or redness, but when it occurs systemically, is a major contributor to the symptoms of diabetes […]

Diabetes: Intro

Recently, we received a series of questions from a client (who we will herein refer to as ‘N’) that has recently been diagnosed with Type-II diabetes, and who is struggling to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Over several upcoming posts, we will elaborate on some of the questions posed, and provide some insight into […]

Aging Part 3: the Power of Antioxidants

It has been known for millenia that adhering to a diet strongly rich in fruits and vegetables, is highly beneficial to overall holistic health. People that focus on the greens at every meal, tend to be generally leaner, live longer lives, suffer from substantially less disease and age-related ailments, have higher overall energy levels and […]

Aging Part 2: Caloric restriction

Caloric restriction, or the generalised decrease in energy obtained from your daily food intake, has been the only scientifically-backed mechanism to date, which can positively augment the aging process. Although no studies have been performed tracking humans over the complete entirety of their lives, and comparing their maximal lifespan to the average amount of food […]